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Fantasy Necklace

Fantasy Necklace

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Two best friends find two crystal hearts in the river and they think that these hearts will make their wishes come true, their wish "best friends today, tomorrow and always." hearts are truly magical because those hearts actually fell from the wall of the Crystal Castle. They turn hearts into necklaces and wear them around their necks as a symbol of their friendship.

NOTE: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Mattel,Inc & Barbie.

!!please keep in mind that there may be slight imperfections or discolorations because of each rose quartz stone may vary in color- from whiteish, light pink, to pink- and are unique to each other, no two stones are the same.

• Craftsmanship: handmade

• The product is made from brass. SOLD AS ONE PIECE!

• The chain length of the product is 17 inches/45 cm.

• Our product is made of rose quartz stone.

• The material used: rose quartz

• To prevent the color of your jewelry from fading; Care should be taken to avoid contact with external factors such as water, perfume, cream.

• Keeping your jewelry in a pouch or a box after using it will prolong the life of your jewelry.

• Not recommended for sensitive and allergic skin.

• You can do your product maintenance with a cotton-soft dry cloth.

• You can keep it in the gift box sent together.

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